2013 in Review

When 2013 started, I was inspired by a friend to sit down and wrote a list of 13 goals for me to reached before it was over.  I'm not able to check all of them off but checking off 10 of them feels like a really great accomplishment. And! Now, I only have to think of 11 goals for 2014 ;)

2013 was a good year for this is circus I (and the IRS) call Jennifer B Photos. I want to thank every one of my friends, family, and clients for taking some time with me. If 2014 is anything like 2013, I'll consider myself lucky beyond measure.

Since I stink at updating when I'm busy, here's a slideshow of recent sessions.  Did I say thank you yet? Because really, thank you.




my kind of people | high desert photographer

When Dreya and I started brainstorming ideas on where to have their session,  we found this gem in Victorville. Dreya and her husband Kevin went to check it out ahead of time, and sent me pictures. With every picture, I knew they were a perfect match for me. When the day came and I saw them, I knew we were right. Dreya and Kevin are fun, light hearted and very much in love, so the laughter flowed in our session. To say I had a great time is such an understatement.


super heroes & a big shaka | Redlands Family Photography

When the mom of these boys mentioned doing superhero t-shits, I was so excited! Little did I know, she'd be rockin' her own superhero attire.  This island-loving family was a pure joy to work with. The boys were funny, charming, and all-around... well.. super! After they knocked some heads together, we managed to get a couple great shots :D

3 handsome men

Every time I have a session with a family of 3 boys, I always think "maybe I should have another baby..." There is nothing like watching brothers together, and it always seems like 3 is the magic number. These boys are no exception. Handsome, charming and a little bit of silliness made for a fun mini session for me.

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a coffee kind of love

When Carol asked me for engagement pictures, I was so excited. I knew having a session with Carol and Greg would be so much fun. Together they are hilarious, and so so in love. A big part of their relationship is meeting for coffee so we decided to incorporate it into the pictures.

Can't wait for your wedding in May, Carol and Greg! 


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let's get personal

I don't know about you, but I always feel better in front of someone's camera when I know a little bit about that someone. It always makes me relax a bit when I know that they have a kid so they just understand the constant repetition of "no get your finger out of your nose" that is on constant loop out of my mouth, or they understand the deep need for a minute of quiet before the session as well as the constant laughter during it. 

wow was that a run-on sentence or what?! Sorry sorry.

So anyway, here's some personal stuff about me. It's the end of baseball season and the beginning of hockey. I've been a Dodgers fan for as long as I can remember, I even had a Mike Piazza poster in my room when I was 10. There is nothing like a eating a Dodger dog in the nosebleeds of left field and watching it live. Actually, probably sitting closer and eating a Dodger dog with a nice cold beverage and watching them kick butt would be better but I digress.

I've been an LA Kings fan just as long. Hockey is in my blood, I swear. If you cut me a puck with fall out. It really makes it hard to give blood.  The closer to finals we get in the season, the more intense my love for my team becomes, and in 2012 when we won the cup for the first time, I actually cried when my boy Dustin Brown held it up. Memories.

Feel closer to me yet? No? How about I just show you pictures of my adorable babies? Ok! 





This is what they give me for posed shots

high desert family photographer
high desert family photographer